Quick and Easy Task Tracker on Notion

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With my extensive experience in working with Notion, I have come up with this Notion Template that'll make your task tracking job and easy thing to do.

How and why did I come up with it?

  • I hate to remember the things I NEED to do today. (I have a bad memory I guess :P)
  • I hate missing deadlines and commitments.
  • I don't have just one, but multiple activities going on in my life that gets hard to track
  • I like to begin my day by thinking - "How am I going to maximize my TODAY?"
  • I like to end the day by thinking - "How did I do and what did I learn TODAY?"
  • I like to think about - "Anything I could have done differently make my day more interesting?"

This product is right for you, if:

  • You have To-Dos in multiple spheres of your life - work, chores, fun, learning etc. and you aim to track your progress in all.
  • You don't like spending too much time on a tracker and prefer entry to be a job done in seconds.
  • You like to see all your To-Dos in a compact view before you begin your day
  • You like having fixed deadlines for some of your work and a floating deadline for others.
  • At the end of the day, you like to revisit all the tasks you did today without having to recall them for sending your reports or to just contemplate.
  • You hate missing deadlines.
  • You hate clutter

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