The Salesforce March!!

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Starting my own blog in Salesforce had been long due. I'd always tell myself - 'Yes, I'll start it tomorrow without fail'. Procrastination was at it's peak and like every other person, I thought 'My blog has to be perfect. It has to have a structure. It has to be pretty and very well-written'. But, the perfection was only an excuse to be lazy. So, with my half-baked, not so "structured and refined" first blog, I'm gonna start my blog.

What will my blog contain? Well, I wonder the same as you may too! To begin with, if you are someone who is in lookout for:

1. Short and crisp reusable code snippets for your lengthy code
2. New Salesforce release features that'll prove useful or may affect your org
3. Coding best practices
4. Business understanding of all that Salesforce has to offer
5. And Much more!!

Then, you're at the right place.

Join me in my journey of exploration of Salesforce. I'm going to march towards being a better developer beginning this March. Are you with me?

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